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You’ve trained, you’ve dieted and now you’re ready to step on stage and show off all your hard work. What is it that is going to make you stand out from a line-up of beautifully shaped and conditioned competitors? 
Your posing! 
Sarah Taylor knows how to help you stand out from the line-up and make your presence known on stage. If you’re ready to partner with Sarah Taylor, you’ve come to the right place! Make a booking online now and elevate your stage performance to a higher standard. 

Session Types

Sarah runs boutique casual group classes every Saturday morning (max 10 people) for all federations and all categories, as well as 1 on 1's on Saturday afternoons, Sundays and limited evenings during the week.
Sarah also runs online sessions via Skype or Zoom as well as private groups by arrangement.
What Class is suitable for me?
Group Classes: These classes are ideal for anyone who wants to meet and get to know fellow competitors, or who wants to experience realistic show scenarios to fully prepare you for anything that may occur on the day - in a fun and safe environment. As you will meet people competing in all federations, you will also get to hear about, experience and try out other show formats that may interest you. 
You can get a group of your friends together and organise a private group. 
If you're a trainer, I'm more than happy to come to your gym and run private groups just for your clients - all categories and all federations!
One on One: These sessions are ideal for first timers, novices who may have only done a few shows, people who are coming back to competition after a break, people who are switching federations. In these sessions we cover essential items such as your show, the federation, your category, the judging criteria (remember I am a judge, so I kinda got the inside info on this part!). We cover the poses and I look at how they can be specifically 'Taylored' to your shape, I can do a physique assessment if you're not quite sure what category you fit into and suggest the federations that might work best for you. Its a completely personalised experience. I'm also more than happy to chat about bikini's, heels, tanning, hair and makeup and answer any questions you have!
Packages & Discounts: I offer a package of 5 sessions for the price of 4 - whether it be 5 group sessions or 5 one on one's - the 5th session is FREE!
Online Posing: I also offer 1hr and 30min sessions via skype or we can arrange video review and swap (works especially well for international clients)

Special Offer: 5 sessions for the price of 4

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