About Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor is a PNBA and WNBF Pro Miss Universe, as well as a triple World Champion in 3 different federations (INBA/UFE/WNBF). She is Pro Qualified in both Figure and Physique categories in three natural federations simultaneously (PNBA/UFE/WNBF) and is the ONLY competitor in Australia to achieve this.
Sarah is a State and National judge for AWNBS, former ANB judge, and has worked with a head judge, so she really does know what the judges are looking for and will tailor your posing to show off your physique in the best possible light. 
Sarah is renowned for the quality of her own posing, and the knowledge and level of skill she passes on to her clients is clearly evident in how  they present themselves on stage.
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‘Taylored’ Posing Coaching

Sarah Taylor has competed and won in ALL Australian federations (natural and non-natural), and three international federations, which means she understands the subtle differences between all of the federations at every level. Sarah is renowned for the exceptional quality of her own posing, so she can show you what poses are banned or frowned upon, ensuring that you are the competitor who is the best prepared, and stands out in any line-up for the right reasons.


Creating an impact On and Off stage

Sarah Taylor, Posing Coach is delighted to be part of a global business community that's creating positive change through giving. As a partner with social enterprise and non-profit organisation B1G1, every time you attend a posing group, or session, you will generate a donation to a worthy cause that will create an impact for good in someones life.
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