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Season 2017 is shaping up to be a huge year with competitions planned in England, Australia, Hong Kong and New Zealand and just maybe Las Vegas...maybe. My prep methods are some of the most gentle, healthiest and safest out there which is how I am able to not only hit my flawless conditioning well in advance of my first show, but to be able to hold it for 3 month or even 7 month seasons - yes you did read that right! 
Starting at 20 weeks out, follow along or subscribe to my YouTube Channel 'Sarah Taylor World Figure Champion' (yes it does need to be updated!). 
Watch as I go through my diet, my training, how I set each up, how I bring it in. There will be events to manage such as going out to restaurants, going away on holiday for a week where there is no gym. I will go through exactly what I eat in a day, supplements and the reasons behind everything I do .
This is your opportunity to get a real behind the scenes look at how a Pro manages their prep.
And if you like what you see and would like me to prep you, simply contact me for more information.

Prep With A Pro Week 5: Dexa Scan

Click here for Week 5 Round up: Dexa Scan results and how I expect the week away at a conference to go

Prep With A Pro Week 4: The Importance of Sleep

Click here for Week 4 Round up and why Sleep is so important on prep.

Prep With A Pro Week 3: How I Set Up My Training On and Off Season

Click here to see how I setup my training Off Season and how I modify it for Prep

Prep With A Pro: What A Days Diet Looks Like

Competition diet doesn't mean small amounts of food - not in my world! See how to prep like a pro by clicking here.

Prep With A Pro Week 2: How I Set Up My Diet

Week 2 check in on how I set up my calories, macros, and how I run my cut. Watch here.

Prep With A Pro: Metabolic Conditioning

Watch our metabolic conditioning session with Sarah Taylor 2x Pro Miss Universe by clicking here.

Prep With A Pro Week 1

The countdown is on! 19 weeks to my season kicks off, and after a bad year battling health issues, it remains to be seen whether a competition preparation is even possible. Follow along here to find out more.

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